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We’re so glad for your interest in Camelback Christian School. It’s important for you to know that we strongly believe in encouraging and fostering the development of the whole child…their spiritual, social, physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Camelback Christian School, staff are dedicated to living out God’s love and biblical truth within an environment that  supports the family, values, affirms and develops the unique design of each child, and applies the best practices of Christian early childhood education.



Our curriculum, materials, beautiful campus and classrooms and low ratios all provide a setting that fosters learning.


Each day at Camelback Christian School (CCS) is carefully planned to meet the development of the whole class and each individual child. A balance of structured and free choice activities, whole group, small group and 1-1 teacher/child interactions and experiences guide learning through hands-on exploration and expression…the best way to foster development in a young child! So when you see play you’ll know their whole brain is working hard at connecting the dots!  

We love what we do. The privilege and blessing of coming alongside you is regarded with the utmost care and respect. We pray that the impact CCS has on each child will help lead to a life of great achievement and one that loves and serves our awesome Almighty God.